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    10 years of PAS - We are celebrating an anniversary

    PAS celebrated the event last year 10th Birthday !

    - A decade of professional car search -

    Because on 07.07.2007 The first version of our car search program was released with the aim to improve the dusty possibilities of vehicle search and thus Your Optimize everyday work.

    We celebrate 10 years - Professional vehicle search


    10 years - innovations and optimal service

    Started as the optimal solution for vehicle searches, today PAS offers much more than just a simple search option for the automotive market.

    From apps for telephony and mobile vehicle search to numerous tracking and additional functions, many things are possible today that seemed unimaginable 10 years ago.

    You are not yet benefiting from our products?

    Then you too now have the opportunity to optimize your business and your daily work routine.

    To the current offers


    Thank you for your trust

    We want to say thank you and look forward to serving you as your partner for the next years.

    Be curious to see what new opportunities your business area still has.

    Written on 07.07.2017 at 14: 40