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PAS Plus - real time ticker / auto search engine

What is PAS Plus - the car search engine?

Car search engine, car search program or advertisement sticker - What is that ?!

For you as a commercial vehicle dealer, the vehicle search on the numerous automobile portals is the daily business. In doing so, you have to repeatedly scour numerous websites in order to find a vehicle that is worth buying.

But even if, after a long search, you have discovered a suitable ad, this is - in the vast majority of cases - already sold on your subsequent call.

How can that be ?

The German automobile exchanges have an estimated vehicle population of approx. 4.000.000 vehicles. A huge number! Every second vehicles are advertised, updated and deleted.

You can hardly keep track of this enormous data diversity. If you have found a suitable advertisement for you, it is probably already minutes have passed since this ad was posted online. A lot of time for your competitors to contact the vendor and purchase the advertised vehicle.

Presumably, ask yourself now: How can my competitors find a suitable vehicle so quickly and buy it if they are interested?

PAS Plus - Car search engine >> Real time ticker

Most likely your competitors use our car search engine "PAS Plus".

PAS Plus is a software program for Windows & macOS systems that helps you to keep track of the market. PAS Plus searches all major German automotive exchanges - for exactly the right ad for you - in real time.

As soon as a suitable ad is placed online, it will appear in our car search program. Now you can contact the vehicle supplier directly and purchase the vehicle if you are interested.

It is up to you how many search filters you want to create. You can specify in detail which vehicles - for you - are of interest.

But even when you're out and about, you'll never miss a bargain with the help of PAS Plus. With the help of our app "PAS Notify", you receive all incoming and for you filtered vehicles, on your smartphone or tablet.

All this is just a brief excerpt from the many opportunities PAS Plus has for you.

Further information

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