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    More individuality with the new extended free text search

    With the release of PAS Plus, a new and improved free text search was introduced. The so-called “extended free text search” offers numerous additional options to individualize your personal search options.

    This article should give you an insight into the new possibilities and at the same time help you get started with this new function.
    Extended free text search

    Fast for individual free text search

    Step 1:

    Create a new search filter or open an existing one for editing.

    Step 2:

    As before, you now have the option of entering a search term in the “Free text” field and having PAS search for it in all incoming vehicle advertisements.
    In addition, it is also possible to completely customize this search.

    Click on the left symbol in the text field.

    A window opens in which you can now set your individual filter options.

    Step 3:

    Overview of the individual options.Extended free text search detail

    1. Click on this button to add a new condition to your free text search.
    2. "Remove condition" removes the last condition from the list.
    3. Here you can basically choose whether you want to search for and combine different terms (and) or whether you want to create an “either or” search (or).
    4. The individual search conditions. The first field determines in which area of ​​the vehicle display you want to search, with the vehicle name, the vehicle description or both at the same time.
      The second field defines the type of search, with the following options:
      “Contains”: The searched term must occur in the respective text.
      "Does not contain": The chosen term may not occur.
      "Exactly": The term you are looking for must appear exactly as written and as a separate word.
      “Phonetic”: Find the term you are looking for using a pronunciation check for the word. With the term “engine damage”, for example, this also finds misspelled words with the same pronunciation (engine damage, engine damage, etc.).
      In the third field you can enter your desired term.

    For more information on phonetics, see Wikipedia .


    Example as a quick start

    We are looking for: vehicles with an engine failure

    Extended free text search example

    We hope that with this post, we have made it easier for you to get started with the new and extended free text search and you can try out this new functionality directly.

    Written on 08.07.2015 at 15: 28