I hereby order the software "PAS Plus - Professional Car Search".

If you have any questions regarding your order, please take Contact Us to us.

1. Choose license

For multiple computers where you want to use PAS at the same time,
you need a license for each PC.

If you want to order multiple licenses, please take Contact Us to us.

Running time*:

Minimum contract term 3 months

2. Personal data




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3. Payment method / direct debit authorization

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When paying by "bank transfer (advance payment)", you will receive your access data only after your transfer has been received.

Bank details / direct debit authorization (Only to be filled in by payment method: direct debit)

I / we hereby authorize you, revocably, the aforementioned amounts for the use of the software
"PAS Plus - Professional Car Search" at the due date of my / ours
to collect the current account indicated below.

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Account holder:

You can send the direct debit authorization online via this form. In this case, you agree with it
Agree that MHB Markt & Motor GmbH uses the online copy of the direct debit authorization as well as a sent copy with an original signature for all authorization purposes.

4. Important instructions

Contract duration, termination

The minimum contract term is 3 months and is automatically extended for another 3 months if the contract is not terminated with a notice period of 4 weeks to the end of the current term.

Method of payment

At the beginning of the selected billing period. The invoice will be sent to you by email or post. When acquiring the permanent license, the amount is due once upon dispatch of the order.