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    PAS Plus macOS - Now Available!

    It's time, after a long development time, PAS Plus for macOS is now available for download.

    In addition, PAS is celebrating its “10th anniversary” this year. We are therefore all the more delighted to mark this decade with the release of PAS Plus for macOS.

    System requirements

    To be able to use our auto search program on your Mac, you need macOS 10.7 “Lion” or higher, min. 2 GB of RAM (we recommend 4 GB for Retina), 1 GB of free hard disk space and broadband internet access.


    The car search engine for macOS

    PAS Plus for macOS will be released as a “Public Beta” version. This means that the final development of the macOS version has not yet been fully completed and errors can still occur or individual functions are not yet fully available.

    Continuous development

    But don't worry, the version that has just been released already covers the vast majority of the known and beloved functions. In addition, the development is far from over, numerous other functions and improvements are planned for PAS Plus, both for the new macOS and for our well-known Windows version.

    Your interest is aroused?

    PAS Plus for macOS can also be tested for 7 days, free of charge and without obligation. To the downloads.

    Impressions to the car search program for macOS

    The well-known functionality and the numerous filter functions are retained under macOS.

    Thus, a possible change from the Windows version requires only minimal effort. The transfer of your filters and data is also possible.


    Of course our apps PAS Dial and PAS Notify are fully supported. This way, they always stay up to date on the go, for example.

    Learn more about our apps.


    Search filter overview

    Your search filters are clearly listed on the search filter menu item. Here you also have the option of switching individual special functions on and off quickly and easily (e.g. app notification, direct call, etc.).

    special functions

    By swiping on a vehicle display open the extra functions. There you can then, for example, display the vehicle location or determine a route to the location.
    This is just a brief glimpse into the many features and capabilities that PAS Plus can provide.

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    You want to know more?

    For more information on PAS Plus and a brief explanation of how it works, get it right here.

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    Written on 27.04.2017 at 20: 40