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    PAS Dial Reloaded - Push now!

    From now on, the new PAS Dial Apps are available in the respective App Store.
    We thought it was time to fundamentally revise the existing PAS dial apps. Therefore, we have optimized the apps and added more features.

    It is now possible, for example, even without an existing WLAN, to send the contact information to your smartphone.

    The so-called Push mode uses the push functions of the respective provider. As a result, it is no longer absolutely necessary for the smartphone to be switched on and the app to be in the foreground.

    If your smartphone is in standby mode or the app is in the background, you will receive a message. As soon as you click on it, PAS Dial will be opened and the vehicle data will be reloaded or the call will be started directly (if the direct call is activated).


    You need an iPhone with iOS version 10 or higher or an Android smartphone with version 6 or higher.

    For the automatic configuration, your smartphone must be in the same network as your stationary computer (eg smartphone and PC in the same WLAN).
    This is no longer absolutely necessary for later functioning due to the new push mode.


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    Written on 31.08.2015 at 14: 25